Hey there, guys. I just wanted to get some things off my chest about volume 4 of Oresama Teacher. So, with every series or novel I love,(Oresama Teacher, BLEACH, Flower Power series, Every Soul a Star, etc.) there's somethings I hate about it. Absolutely nothing is perfect. This review is actually more than just volume four, but don't worry, it'll still be in here. Okay, Oresama Teacher, I kinda think Izumi Tsubaki made Mafuyu what I call, "a little too good". Now please don't argue. I'm glad Mafuyu has weaknesses though. Definitely not counting her fear of other girls. I try not to get too mad at her, and just blame everything on Takaomi :P.

Now, volume 4 specifically. I was a little mad at Mafuyu in this volume. In my opinion, I think it IS wrong she wants to protect Hayasaka. I mean, later in the volume, she talks about TRUST! If you really trusted Hayasaka, Mafuyu, you would think he could handle things himself. Besides, "a man being protected by a girl is humiliating". She's protecting Hayasaka selfishly, because she can't bear (or bare, whatever) seeing him hurt himself. And ALSO! When Hayasaka was defending her while fighting the yojimbo club? OH MY GOSH!(I'm now pretending I'm talking to Mafuyu) You were all, "I don't mind if I get hurt." But earlier you said you can't stand to watch him get hurt. Don't you think, maybe, he feels the same way about you?! BOTH of ya'lls don't trust one another to protect yourselves! Sorry if my ranting made you mad. This is how I rant to my sister about things, I'm used to talking like this.

(I don't know why, even though, like they said, a delinquent with a close relationship makes things harder, I kinda ship Mafuyu x Hayasaka now. Well, Mafuyu said Hayasaka not a real, complete delinquent. So...who cares?!)

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