Yamashita Takumi
Yamashita in Chapter 39


Kanji 山下 匠
Romaji Yamashita Takumi
Biological Information
Gender Male
Birthday November 22
Height 167 cm
Blood Type A
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Professional Status
Occupation Student
School Higashi High
Affiliation Higashi High Gang
Personal Information
Family Father, younger brother, younger sister
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Yamashita Takumi (山下 匠 Yamashita Takumi) is a delinquent and student of Class 3-2 in Higashi High.

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Synopsis Edit

Summer Holidays Arc Edit

Camping failure at Midorigaoka


After the battle of Kurosaki Mafuyu and Kangawa Kouhei, Yamashita goes camping with Maizono Yuto and Okubo Kotobuki. However, because of Maizono's carefreeness and Okubo's unluckiness, they end up in the middle of a storm in a forest. Okubo notices a large building and they head inside for shelter.

Inside the building, the first room they go in is dimly lit. Okubo and Yamashita try to flee after seeing a ghost, but Maizono notices that the ghost, who is actually Hayasaka, is carrying candles in his hands. Maizono humbly presents his own candles, and Yamashita and Okubo sigh in relief.

They explain the situation to Hayasaka, and he allows them to stay the night in one of the dorm rooms. Yamashita shakes Hayasaka's hand in excitement, but then realizes his hands are muddy and dirty from the outside weather. Yamashita then notices that he had made hand prints everywhere, and runs off to wash his hands.

Yamashita returns to clean off the handprints, then notices a stone bust without a head. Yamashita decides to stay the night to look for the head.

He finds the bust head in Okegawa Kyoutaro's room, who claims that it looked similar to Nekomata. Yamashita tries adding on some clay ears to the head, but then decides it doesn't look cute at all. However, Okegawa thinks otherwise, and chases Yamashita down the hallway when he takes off the ears. In the end, the ears are kept on, forming a new urban legend.

Yamashita later joins Okubo and Maizono in a dorm, where they sleep in a tent.

Trivia Edit

  • He enjoys watching American football.
  • A story about him and Ryunosuke Himeji was planned for Volume 8, but scrapped in order to keep focus on the main story.

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