Student Council
Miyabi holding up the members of the student council as finger puppets.
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Headquarters Student Council Room (?)
Status Active
Founding Members Miyabi Hanabusa
Momochi Runa
(please correct me if I'm wrong!)
Members Shuntaro Kosaka
Wakana Hojo
Reito Ayabe
Kanon Nonoguchi
Komari Yukioka

The Student Council is a group of students at Midorigaoka Academy that are rivals with the Public Morals Club.


(please help if this is wrong!!) The Student Council was used by Miyabi as a way to hide innocent and weak children from Momochi, as weak kids were her favourite kind to get close to and pity them to the point of leaving the school. Miyabi chose weak children, such as the narrow-minded Kanon Nonoguchi and the small and weak Komari Yukioka.


Shuntaro KosakaEdit

Wakana HojoEdit

Hojo joined the Student Council, as she was Miyabi's bodyguard. She eventually became the vice-president after Momochi "left" the Council.

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