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Reito Ayabe


Dorm Manager *
Kanji 綾部 麗人
Romaji Ayabe Reito
Biological Information
Gender Male
Age 16-18
Birthday September 24
Height 163 cm (5'4")
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Occupation 2nd Year High School Student
Boys' Dorm Manager
School Midori Ga Oka Acadamy
Affiliation Student Council
Club Position Member
Personal Information
Family Father

Ayabe Ichika (sister)
Ayabe Umetsugu (brother)
Ayabe Akimi (brother)
Ayabe Koushiro (brother)
Ayabe Kosue (sister)

Status Active
First Appearance Chapter 43
I abandoned everything. Whether it was an outstretched arm, or a voice calling out to me... I rejected it all... and ran away.

–Ayabe Reito

Ayabe Reito (綾部 麗人 Ayabe Reito) is a second-year student in Class 2-4 and a member of the Student Council. He later becomes the Dorm Manager.

Ayabe the definition of a 'clean freak' and frequently has attacks in which he needs to find a dirty place to clean. During these attacks, Ayabe's hardcore cleaning means that he gets much stronger. Hanabusa Miyabi uses his knowledge of these attacks to force him to stay in the Student Council.

Appearance Edit

Ayabe is a short, young man with a distinct mole under his right eye and long bottom eyelashes and short dark hair. He has an average build and is not very athletic. It is widely believed that he has poor health and Yui Shinobu has mentioned he had a repeat a year because of it.[1] This is revealed to be his 'attacks' rather than bad health though. He carries a guitar case that contains a broom strapped onto his back, which was given to him by Miyabi.

Personality Edit

At first glance, Ayabe appears to be an ordinary student or even lone-wolf who keeps his distance from everybody else. However, he is accustomed to being surrounded by lots of people which is noticeable when he was oblivious to Mafuyu 'stalking' him, though it was from a small distance.[2]

As the eldest of six children, Ayabe had a lot of responsibilities and took care of them. He was similar to a third parent to them as their parents had work and very little time to see them. His resemblance to Mafuyu's mother was a reason why she felt as if she couldn't fight back.[3]

Ayabe harbors a lot of guilt for abandoning his siblings and feels extremely guilty whenever he sees a dirty place.[4] This is why he has 'attacks' like seizures and needs to clean something. He takes pride in cleaning and likes it to the point where he becomes incredibly strong when cleaning, even being able to defeat Mafuyu and climb a chandelier. Going everywhere with a broom in his guitar case acts as a tranquilizer.[5] He returns to normal when there is a sense of comfort and cleanliness.[6]

He is noted to be very caring and secretly likes being around lots of people, and is very good at cooking. Ayabe also becomes happy whenever anyone recognizes his hard work. This is shown when Mafuyu compliments his cooking, when Ichika's friends compliment that their house is very clean and when Ayabe's two classmates and Mafuyu thank him for making them bentos.



Ayabe curling Ichika's hair

Ayabe's parents were rarely home and were constantly busy because his mother is a nurse and his father is a truck driver; this meant that as he was the eldest of his five siblings, he had to care of them.[7] They were extremely dependent on Ayabe, relying on him to cook, clean and help them get ready for school. He even curled Ichika's hair, as she didn't know how to (and still can't) curl her own hair.[8] It is mentioned that Ayabe hardly attended outings outside of school with his friends because he was busy taking care of them. When Ichika asked why he liked cleaning so much, he said he'd gotten used to it and perhaps this was his 'pride'.


Ayabe at karaoke with his friends

In his last year of middle school, Ayabe's classmates invited him to go to karaoke at least this one last time. He refused at first, but he eventually agreed as he rarely came to these events. When he asked his siblings, they agreed wholeheartedly and told him to have fun sometimes.[9] Entrusting housework to the older siblings, he enjoyed a day out with his friends.[10]


Ayabe finding the futons left outside, wet and muddy

However, it was raining when he returned home and it turned out Ichika's friends came over and Umetsugu had went out, leaving the younger siblings to make mess.[11] As well as that, no one had thought to bring in the futons from outside, which had become wet and muddy. This event left Ayabe feeling upset, unappreciated and fed up with his 'pride' being shattered.[12]


Ayabe leaves his home

Due to this, Ayabe went to his father and requested him not to tell anyone what high school he was applying for. He decided to go to Midori Ga Oka, as it had a dorm and he wanted to move out. This was the first time Ayabe asked for something of his own so his father agreed. He didn't tell any of his siblings about this until the day he left.[13]

The memory of his siblings chasing him, crying and yelling 'don't leave' left an impact on him and led him to feel extremely guilty whenever he sees a dirty place. He would switch into his 'cleaning mode' and turn extremely powerful as he cleaned.[14] He felt relieved but was slightly disappointed that none of his siblings had contacted him since he had left.

Hanabusa Miyabi asked him to join the student council to protect him from Momochi Runa and Ayabe immediately refused.[15] However, he caught Ayabe in one of his cleaning attacks and threatened him to stay.[16] Although he continuously cites that he wants to leave and is not close with Miyabi, he is grateful and understands his good intentions and feels indebted to him.


Kurosaki MafuyuEdit

When Ayabe's turn to defeat the Disciplinary Club arrives, he decides to defeat the leader or strongest member. Both Houjou and Kosaka Shuntaro assume he'll go for Yui or Hayasaka but he calls out Mafuyu instead, recognizing her as the strongest member. During their fight in the abandoned second building, he becomes mysteriously strong and defeats her, though she is unable to recall why. She then follows Ayabe and watches him closely in attempt to find out. In doing so, she gives him the nickname 'Ayaben' and discovers that he is quite ordinary, oblivious and deduces that he has younger siblings[17] due to his similarities to Mafuyu's mother.[3] After she helps him reconcile with him family, he retains a neutral stance and they become friends, often eating lunch together. Ayabe may seem to be annoyed with Mafuyu but actually enjoys her company, and treats her like he treats his siblings.

Hanabusa Miyabi Edit

Ayabe constantly claims that he's not close with Miyabi and wants to leave the student council, but is grateful to him as he knows Miyabi was trying to make a 'place' for him.

Trivia Edit

  • Ayabe ranked 3rd with a total of 3159 points in the character popularity poll conducted by Hana to Yume in early 2013.
  • Ayabe has a set of cleaning tools that is made by Hayama-san from Wakayama which he also named as Fujishima (the broom), Sugita-san (the dustpan), Makimura-san (the cloth), and Shinomiya-san (the bucket).
  • Ayabe's favourite food is croquette and he is good at making fried egg.
  • His romantic preference is someone he can rely on and who is also not good at house chores.
  • His hobby is photography. He doesn't mind the type and quality of the camera or the lens.
  • His weakness (or something that he is not good at) is adults.
  • His recent worries are whether Sugita-san (the dustpan) must be replaced or not, because he has already fallen in love with it, and that Shinomiya-san is reaching his limit.
  • Ayabe is closest with Kurosaki and Shibuya.


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