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Public Morals Club
A lively club meeting, minus Takaomi and Okegawa.
Kanji 風紀部
Romaji Fūki-bu
Other Names Disciplinary Club
Status Active
Advisor Saeki Takaomi
Founding Members Kurosaki Mafuyu
Hayasaka Kaori
Members Yui Shinobu
Aki Shibuya
Okegawa Kyoutaro

The Public Morals Club (風紀部 Fūki-bu) is a club at Midori Ga Oka Academy and was first formed by Saeki Takaomi, Kurosaki Mafuyu and Hayasaka Kaori.

Location Edit

When it was just Mafuyu and Hayasaka, the Public Morals Club had no club room and didn't do any activities. Yui refused to use Class 1-1 as the club room as he'd feel too embarrassed to enter as a student in Class 1-2; which ultimately led the trio to borrow a preparation room instead. At first they used Preparation Room 5 but it turned out to be a corridor with 6 more rooms. They now use another storeroom.


The Public Morals Club was created with the goal to help Takaomi win the bet he made with the school Chairman, with the winner gaining both the right to run the school and the ownership of the school grounds.

Members Edit

Two of the members were forced to join from the beginning by Takaomi, Kurosaki Mafuyu and Hayasaka Kaori. Later on Yui Shinobu joined the club to find the weakness of the club from the inside out. The fourth member, Aki Shibuya, joined the club after meeting Mafuyu and being infatuated with strong people. Okegawa Kyoutaro joined solely to have a reason to help Mafuyu (as Natsuo) save Nonoguchi Kanon who had been kidnapped by Kiyama's banchou.

As well as the primary members, the Public Morals Club is known to have two additional shadow members, Super Bun (ウサちゃんマン Usa-chan Man) and Natsuo (夏男) who are not recorded in the school registers but are known in the school for being strong and mysterious. Both aliases are actually Mafuyu in disguise and were created to resolve problems without revealing Mafuyu's true strength so that she can avoid being expelled a second time. With the exception of Hayasaka, all members of the club know this.

Name Rank Status
Saeki Takaomi Club Advisor Active
Kurosaki Mafuyu Founding Member Active
Hayasaka Kaori Founding Member Active
Yui Shinobu Member Active
Shibuya Aki Member Active
Okegawa Kyoutaro Member Active