Here is where you can nominate and vote for articles to be featured on the home page every month. Once you've picked a nominee and read the rules, go here to nominate an article! Voting and nominating are now open.

Rules and Instructions

  • Any votes from anonymous users or ones not logged in will not be counted.
  • To nominate, write your nomination in the nominees section. A nomination is equal to a vote, and it's one nomination per person meaning you can then vote up to once more for another nominee.
  • To vote for a nominee, type {{Support}} and sign with four tildes. You may vote for only two nominees at each voting. 
  • To vote against a nominee, type {{Oppose}}  and sign with four tildes. You may oppose a maximum of three nominees.
  • You may not renominate for winning nominations until three months have passed.

Archived Featured Articles

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