Oresama Teacher (俺様ティーチャー Ore-sama Tīchā) is an ongoing shojo manga series written and drawn by mangaka Izumi Tsubaki. The series has been running since July 2007 in Hana to Yume, and has 20 volumes as of 2015. The manga is published in English by Viz Media and Madman Entertainment, and in French by Delcourt (under the name Fight Girl). 


High school student Kurosaki Mafuyu is expelled from her school after getting caught by the police celebrating the victory of her school's gang. Annoyed with her yankee ways, her mother sends her to Midori Ga Oka Academy, a private school famous for its delinquents. She meets a man, who turns out to be her teacher, as well as a childhood friend, Saeki Takaomi. He forces her and another delinquent, Hayasaka, to join the Public Morals Club- a club dedicated to achieving Takaomi's goal of doubling the number of students in five years.


After the completion of Tsubaki's last work, The Magic Touch, she was contacted by her editor about making a new series. Oresama Teacher was originally to be a fantasy series with monsters, featuring Mafuyu and Hayasaka as main characters, and Takaomi as the fourth supporting character. However, because this story was difficult for her editor to understand, it was rejected.

A school life story was suggested by the editor as Tsubaki has a teaching degree. One idea involved an angsty girl being bullied and an understanding, yet weak teacher, but the story was rejected for being too depressing. Tsubaki's next idea was of a dormitory story, featuring a girl and a hamster teacher named Takaomi, though the story was once again rejected, this time for being 'weird'.

Tsubaki decided to do a simple story of a delinquent trying to reform herself, and the story of Oresama Teacher was finally accepted.

The name Oresama Teacher was not proposed by Tsubaki. She had ten other possible names for the manga, and was disappointed when she found out, especially since it shared a name with an adult game, and at the time, all web searches would result with the game rather than her manga.

Drama CDEdit

In Feburary 2009, a drama CD for Oresama Teacher was released, bundled with issue 3 and 4 of Hana to Yume.


Alternative NamesEdit

  • Chinese: 王樣老師 (Wáng yàng lǎoshī) / 我的野蠻老師 (Wǒ de yěmán lǎoshī)
  • English: Oresama Teacher (I'm the Teacher/My Teacher/I like Teacher)
  • French: Fight Girl
  • Japanese (original):俺様ティーチャー  (Ore-sama Tīchā)

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