Volume 4 Edit

Okegawa is only seen in one chapter in this volume, being introduced to Maizono Yuuto after Hayasaka Kaori is asked by Maizono to bring him to bancho. Hayasaka and Okegawa get into a fight, but Maizono interferes, by taking Okegawa's punch. Okegawa then asks what the bancho Maizono seeks is like, and he replies with great exaggeration, stating that the bancho's name is Mafuyu.

Okegawa thinks of Kurosaki Mafuyu for a while before deciding that she couldn't possibly be a bancho. Maizono decides to look around town for the bancho, and both Hayasaka and Okegawa follow him. Okegawa listens to Maizono tell the story of 'the great bancho Mafuyu' to a group of schoolchildren, and the group then go to an arcade.

He tells Hayasaka about the rock paper scissors machines, and is surprised to find out that Hayasaka had never used one before. Both Maizono and Okegawa scold Hayasaka, before forcing him to play the game, which Hayasaka loses over 17 times before winning.

The group start to head back to the school with a celebratory feast, when two delinquents attack Hayasaka. Okegawa watches, but Hayasaka loses the fight while trying to protect a bag of cookies. Maizono steps up to fight, and Okegawa offers help, but Maizono quickly wins, ending the battle.