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Kurosaki Mafuyu
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Mafuyu Kurosaki
Mafuyu Profile
Kanji 黒崎 真冬
Romaji Kurosaki Mafuyu
Nicknames Morse (by Okegawa)
MafuMafu (by Ayabe)
Stalker Girl (by Ayabe's friends)
Coach (by Class 2) [as Natsuo]
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Age 15-17
Birthday December 21
Height 155cm (5'1")
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Occupation 2nd Year High School Student
Banchou of Higashi High (former)
Banchou of Midori Ga Oka High (former) [as Natsuo]
School Higashi High School (former)
Midori Ga Oka Acadamy (current)
Affiliation Disciplinary Club
Club Position Founding Member
Personal Information
Family Mother
Status Active
First Appearance Chapter 1

"Now I remember why I was always chasing after Takaomi-kun back then. It wasn’t because I wanted to be stronger, or I wanted an older brother. And of course it wasn’t that I was a Masochist. I just wanted Takaomi-kun to say that he was proud of me." 
- Mafuyu Kurosaki
Mafuyu Kurosaki (黒崎 真冬 Kurosaki Mafuyu) is the main protagonist of the story, and a former delinquent that attends Midorigaoka Academy. Before being expelled, she was the banchou of Higashi High.

She is in Class 2-1 and was one of the first members of the Disciplinary Club, along with her friend Hayasaka Kaori.


Mafuyu has short brown (sometimes silver) hair. She has an average build and is usually shown to wear the Midori Ga Oka School uniform, consisting of a white short-sleeved shirt, and a knee high skirt. A common accessory for her is her chain necklace, a farewell gift from her gang friends at her previous school, Higashi Middle School.

Before she transferred to Midori Ga Oka Academy, Mafuyu often wore the Higashi Middle School outfit; a white sailor uniform and a long skirt, which she didn't roll up. She also had long, bleached hair, though was made to cut it and dye it back to its original color by her mother. A long skirt and long bleached hair is stereotypical for a female Japanese delinquent.

However, in order to fulfill her tasks as a member of the club without revealing her abilities, she disguises herself as two 'shadow members'. The first persona, "Usa-chan Man" (Super-Bun in the official English translation of the manga by Viz Media), is simply Mafuyu wearing a pink rabbit mask with sparkly eyes to cover her face. More recently, Mafuyu has begun to tie her hair back into a ponytail so that she won't be exposed from behind, as per suggestion from Takaomi.



When disguised as Natsuo, Mafuyu crossdresses and wears a brown short-haired wig, Midori Ga Oka's male uniform, and platform shoes to make her look taller. In Chapter 70, Aki gives Natsuo a makeover, so he appears more "trendy". Natsuo's new look is described as slightly more feminine and elegant.

Personality Edit

Mafuyu is honest and straightforward and knows very little about being an ordinary 'girly girl' because of her delinquent ways. She is shown to get very excited over experiencing 'normal' things for the first time, much to the confusion of others.

This also stems from the fact that she has spent her whole life surrounded by boys. Yui Shinobu notes that she mixes in with men seamlessly and without confusion.

On the other hand, she is quite nervous interacting with girls and is unsure how to approach them, despite being one herself. She tends to separate herself from them when she deems them 'angels' and is extremely touched when Hayasaka acknowledges her as one. In many circumstances in the manga, Mafuyu agrees immediately when given the chance to interact with 'cute girls'. This is shown when she is quick to beat up some students when she sees a pretty girl, though he is soon revealed to be a crossdressing Sakurada. Although she is given many chances to become a 'normal' student, she declines in favor of her lifestyle in the Disciplinary Club, which she values much more than pretty girls.

Mafuyu values friendship and is quick to defend her nakama. She is extremely loyal to her friends and can become friends with anyone regardless of their first meeting. This is seen throughout the manga. Although he defeats her in battle and is cold to her at the beginning, Mafuyu helps Ayabe Reito reconcile with his family and eventually befriends him despite his position in the student council. In addition, she forgives Yui after his 'betrayal'.


Oresama-teacher-1995477mafuyu longhair

Mafuyu in her delinquent days with Kangawa Kouhei

As a child, she moved to Takaomi's neighbourhood, where she introduced herself as 'Mafuyu Kurosaki- I want to be a bunny when I grow up!'. Mafuyu didn't have many kids her age in the neighborhood and was attached to the boy next door; Takaomi Gojou. He was the banchou of Higashi High at the time but still played with her. He had a soft spot for Mafuyu as she was unafraid of him, unlike other children, though this actually made him afraid of her persistence at first. Somehow this evolved into a master-servant relationship and Mafuyu strangely enjoyed it because she wanted him to be proud of her. Takaomi was the reason Mafuyu became a delinquent.

Mafuyu lost all her memories of Takaomi due to an incident before she moved, which is yet to be revealed.

Before coming to Midori Ga Oka Academy she was the banchou of Higashi High. Her followers held a celebration for her after a fight one day and were quick to run away and leave her behind when the police arrived and Mafuyu's arrest led to her following expulsion. Her mother was furious when this happened and made Mafuyu swear she wouldn't get into another fight ever again. As to not disappoint her mom, Mafuyu became determined to transform from a delinquent to a proper lady and become an ultra-shiny, girly-girl high school student.

Usa-chan Man and NatsuoEdit

51Hdd8ekFdL SS500

Mafuyu and her disguises; Usa-chan Man & Natsuo

As Mafuyu has retired from her delinquent days, Mafuyu is occasionally forced to disguise herself as "Usa-chan Man" (ウサちゃんマン "Super Bun" in the English manga) and "Natsuo" in order to hide her past. They are known as the 'shadow members' of the Disciplinary Club and only appear to resolve problems (e.g. the Cultural Festival). Takaomi and Aki both know the full story. It is hinted that Yui has realized it too. Okegawa and Ayabe both know Natsuo's true identity though it is unknown whether they know about Usa-chan Man also being Mafuyu.


Mafuyu and Usa-Chan Man's mask

A running gag throughout the manga is Hayasaka's idolization of Usa-chan Man. He acts like a 'girl in love', though it's made unclear whether it's love or admiration of her strength. They go on a Christmas date where he gives her his muffler; however it is noted that he doesn't look her in the eyes or attempt to find out her true identity; "turning his eyes away". A year later, he finds the muffler he gave Usa-chan Man in Mafuyu's wardrobe during the Disciplinary Club's Christmas party and it's suggested that he's begun to suspect her.

Natsuo is shown to be quite popular among the girls, due to Mafuyu's prince-like disposition which even restores Nonoguchi Kanon's belief in princes.


Public Morals Club

Hayasaka Kaori

Hayasaka was Mafuyu's first friend at Midori Ga Oka. He is the only member of the Disciplinary Club who is not aware of Mafuyu's true strength and has not yet realized that she is both Usa-chan Man and Natsuo, though he respects them greatly. When they first meet, Mafuyu lets off a murderous in the seat next to him which causes Hayasaka to ask if he can go to the toilet in order to escape her and Mafuyu misinterprets this as an act of kindness. He remains wary for a while but Mafuyu quickly deceives him and he now believes she is an ordinary girl. Even though he seems indifferent to Mafuyu (due to her overly affectionate way of showing her friendship), he does care for her. He is often worried for her safety and is often trying to keep her away from the fights (as he is unaware that most often she is the one solving the fights).

Yui Shinobu

Yui, Mafuyu and Hayasaka are best friends. At first, Mafuyu doesn't trust him as he is a former student-council member and he tries to take the Disciplinary Club down. However, he loses against Usa-chan Man and joins the club as a result. His obsession with ninjas (and goal to become one) earns him the nickname "Ninja" by Mafuyu. Though his motives for joining the club are questionable, Mafuyu considers Yui a close friend regardless. Mafuyu and Hayasaka confront him after discovering Yui was the one who caused the withdrawal of the other club members (as per order by Miyabi in attempt to make Yui realize his true feelings). During this confrontation, Yui realizes how he used Miyabi as a constant excuse and makes his own choice for the first time, in which he decides he wants to be with them. He knows Mafuyu's true identity and past.

Shibiya Aki

Aki is the most recent member of the Disciplinary Club. He is the only student in Midori Ga Oka Academy that knows everything about Mafuyu's delinquent past . He is a first year student who causes Mafuyu trouble in the beginning of the new school year. He is infatuated with strong people. Aki was a former student of Higashi Middle School and attends Midori with the intent in becoming Mafuyu's kobun (Yakuza term for subordinate). Mafuyu at first tricks Aki into believing that she is in fact very weak, which leads him to blackmail her but she eventually saves him from some thugs. He was able to tell that both Usa-chan Man and Natsuo are Mafuyu from a glance.

Student Council

Ayabe Reito

Ayabe and Mafuyu are mutual friends. Mafuyu calls him "Ayabean". He is another member of the student council and defeated Mafuyu when he tried to take the Disciplinary Club down to get his freedom from the student council. She began following Ayabe, trying to study him and find out why he beat her. At first he was completely oblivious even though she was following him quite closely. This gives her the nickname "Stalker Girl" by Ayabe's friends. Their relationship turns to friendship when Mafuyu discovers his past and helps him make up with his family. He treats her like a little sister and they often eat lunch together as it is revealed that Ayabe is a good cook. It may seem that Ayabe doesn't want Mafuyu around and rather be alone, she realizes in fact he likes having a lot of people around (something that he is used to due to having 5 siblings) and seems to enjoy having Mafuyu around.


Okegawa Kyoutaro

Okegawa is the only other person (aside from Saeki, Yui, Aki and Ayabe) who knows Mafuyu is Natsuo. He values Mafuyu's friendship and comes to seek her advice when something is troubling him. It is hinted that he has become slightly smitten with Mafuyu, instantly recognizing her the moment he touches her, when he and Natsuo meet a second time. He is the owner of the pigeon Mafuyu saved a year ago and is revealed to be 'Ichigo Love', Mafuyu's pen-pal though both of them are unaware of it. He also tends to misinterpret and become jealous when Mafuyu interacts with other males as seen in Chapter 43, when accidentally overhears Mafuyu and Takaomi talking and runs off believing they have a romantic relationship and in chapter 65 when he chases Ayabe after he finds them together.

Kangawa Kouhei

As the former number 2 of Mafuyu's gang, Kangawa greatly admires and respects her. After she left, he became the banchou. It is revealed that in the past, he had come to challenge Mafuyu and was defeated, subsequently deciding to join Higashi High after his defeat. Although he is often seen messing around and in a good mood, he is considerate of Mafuyu's circumstances and tried to prevent her from getting involved in the 'war' between Higashi High and Nishi High. Eventually, Kangawa and the rest of the gang reassure her that they all still consider her as their comrade and she should come to visit them again. When she does come during the summer, she spends the first day with Sakurada, believing the gang members would be unhappy to see her. Kangawa is shocked, jealous and hurt by this and ignores her afterwards and when confronted by Mafuyu, he reveals he wanted to be the first one she looked for. It is unknown whether this is simply possessiveness as a friend and/or former subordinate to a leader to whom he greatly admired or whether he has romantic feelings for her.

Maizono Yuuto

Maizono was number 3 within Mafuyu's old gangand is currently number 2 in Higashi High. As a self proclaimed M (masochist), he often tries to get Mafuyu to take out her anger out on him (or any others. for that matter). He meets Hayasaka and Okegawa one day while trying to visit Mafuyu and deliver some cookies made by a member of their gang. He, along with all of the Mafuyu's old gang, deeply respects and admires her, despite her no longer being the banchou and has told Hayasaka that it has been difficult for him to adjust to life without her.


Saeki Takaomi

Takaomi and Mafuyu have a rather 'unique' relationship with each other. Mafuyu, was still in elementary school when she moved in next door to Takaomi, who was in Higashi High and grew attached to him. Most other kids were afraid of him but Mafuyu was the opposite, which somewhat scared him before causing him to eventually gain a soft spot for her. Somehow this evolved into a master/servant relationship in which Takaomi frequently made Mafuyu do errands for him. She secretly enjoyed this though, not because she was a masochist, but because she wanted him to say he was proud of her. Mafuyu seems to not remember much about Takaomi, for reasons yet to be revealed.

Trivia Edit

  • Mafuyu came first in the character poll, with a point total of 7576. Her score were made up of hers, Natsuo's (1682), and Super Bun's (106) points, but Izumi Tsubaki states that most of the points came from Mafuyu herself.

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