Chapter 67 is the sixty-seventh chapter of Oresama Teacher.

Chapter 67
Volume 12
Chapter 67
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It's a new school year and new students are enrolling; however, an endless stream of guys begin to attack Mafuyu, claiming that it's her fault that their girlfriends broke up with them. Turns out, it's actually the fault of new student Shibuya Aki who purposely directs all the blame to Mafuyu.

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A mysterious figure approaches Komari and asks her if she knows a person by the name of Kurosaki Mafuyu. Meanwhile on campus, Mafuyu and her friends praise the bentos Ayabe made for them whilst Takaomi smiles at the evident increase in enrollment for the year. Mafuyu settles outside to eat her food by a random guy tries to attack her. Hayasaka counters the attack by punching him and afterwards the random guy starts to blame Mafuyu for his break up with his girlfriend. Back in the building, Komari points out how there's an unknown student sitting outside and having a picnic while surrounded by numerous girls. It's noted that they all have boyfriends but still sit with the unknown man that very much so resembles the mysterious figure at the start of the chapter. Komari watches as more girls join the man and mutters "Kurosaki Mafuyu." Hayasaka and Shinobu continue to defend the endless attacks by different men that pin the blame for losing their girlfriends on Mafuyu. While running away from the hoard of men, Mafuyu stumbles upon two guys talking. The first guy blames the mystery man for the sudden breakup with his girlfriend, but right before punching him, the mystery man tells him to settle the issue with Kurosaki Mafuyu first and afterwards he'll apologize. In a fit of anger, Mafuyu chases down the mystery man, and in turn he introduces himself as Shibuya Aki.

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