Chapter 6
Chapter 6
Volume 2
Chapter 6
Release Date 2008/05/19
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Chapter 6 is the sixth chapter of Oresama Teacher .

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Hayasaka is holding a metal bat; Mafuyu is holding a wooden stick/bar, and Takaomi is holding a shinai.

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Takaomi calls Mafuyu and Hayasaka into the office and tells them that they must join a club. Both of them dash out of the office when Takaomi is about to suggest a club for them to join. Mafuyu and Hayasaka try to find a club to join. They try out the crafts club, where they have a torturous time. Takaomi tells Mafuyu and Hayasaka that they are already in the Disciplinary Club. Then, Takaomi tells Mafuyu that he made a bet with the principal to double the school's enrollment in 3 years. 

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The Students, including Mafuyu, notice that Takaomi is acting strangely. As soon as Mafuyu gets to school, she is greeted by Takaomi's smiling face. She talks about it with Hayasaka, saying Takaomi's smile is creepy. Soon, Takaomi happily greets the class, causing them to scream in terror. On the intercom, Mafuyu and Hayasaka's names are called, and even more terrified screams occur. They meet with Takaomi in the office, and he tells them to join a club. Neither have ever been in one since delinquents usually don't participate in clubs. The two instinctively dash out of the room when Takaomi is about to suggest a club for them to join. The two figure his recommendation must be bad, so they try to pick a club before they are forced to join his suggested club. They browse through their school's clubs, but most do not work out. They try out the crafts club, which they think it would be a mature, well-organized club. Mafuyu hopes the crafts club will make her a proper lady. But their hopes are false when they realize all the members are "macho" guys. One of them tells the two to start with embroidery. The members notice Hayasaka's great embroidery, making Mafuyu somewhat jealous. She tries to show them her embroidery, but it is a rejected since it is a messy embroidery. As Mafuyu is kicked out, Hayasaka silently begs her to take him with her. Takaomi shows up behind Mafuyu and she begs him to help. He goes in and tells the two that Mafuyu and Hayasaka are already in the Disciplinary Club. Hayasaka goes home early, leaving Mafuyu to hear the story from Takaomi. He explained that he had a bet with the principal to double the school enrollments in 3 years. The last thing about Disciplinary Club and the bet Takaomi tells her is that the first club activity is to crush the banchou, the school gang leader.

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