Chapter 4
Chapter 4
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Chapter 4
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Chapter 4 is the fourth chapter in Oresama Teacher.

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Takaomi Saeki holds a rolled up magazine. Mafuyu Kurosaki and Kaori Hayasaka are also on the cover page.

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Takaomi coincidently happens to be at the convenience store when Mafuyu arrives. Takaomi, who suddenly acts very responsible and buys a lot of vegetables for Mafuyu, claims that he will stay at Mafuyu's apartment because he left his keys. While Takaomi cooks, he recalls memories and chats with Mafuyu. After Mafuyu forces herself to eat Takaomi's horrendous dish, Takaomi mysteriously escapes from Mafuyu's balcony.

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Mafuyu is walking home, painfully thinking about Takaomi and his rotten personality. Her stomach grumbles, which reminds her to buy some food at the convenience store. She is then upset at the fact that Takaomi just so happened to be there. Mafuyu is shocked when she notices Takaomi reading an inappropriate magazine and says that he should read it in private. He suddenly acts responsible and tells her that she'll get sick if she only eats sweet buns. He tosses some vegetables and tells Mafuyu he'll pay for it. Upon arriving at Mafuyu's apartment, Takaomi states he'll stay for the night. He later explains that he forgot his keys at school and it's too much trouble to go back and get them. Since Mafuyu was there, he decided to stay there. When she calls him "Mr.Saeki", he once again tells her to call him by his first name. She tells him her clothes would be too small for Takaomi. That's when Takaomi finds that Mafuyu has a couple of extra large, loose fitting clothes. Straying from the topic, Takaomi says he's hungry. Mafuyu wonders if he can cook. Ge claims that anything that's cooked can be eaten. As Mafuyu helps to cut a carrot, Takaomi recalls memories. Mafuyu also remembers something. She remembers that him and his old henchmen caused Mafuyu's classmates to fear her, which started her delinquent path. He tells her she kept coming back to him, so he thought she was a masochist. The story flashbacks at a scene when Takaomi taught Mafuyu about the dangers of cigarettes. He tells her that recognized her before when she snatched his cigarette away. When the cooking is finally done, it is a complete disaster. Mafuyu tries to run to avoid eating it, but fails. Takaomi tastes it himself, confirming it's terribleness. After some thinking, Mafuyu decides to eat it, which according to Takaomi, deserves a reward. So Mafuyu asks him why he became a teacher. He answers simply that there was something he couldn't do if he didn't become a teacher, saying it is personal. About to ask him a question, Mafuyu rushes to her window and guesses he jumped off. She looks of into the sky, thinking of how much he's grown. She hears a rustle and notices he left the magazine, and realizes he hasn't really changed much.

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