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Chapter 38
Chapter 38
Volume 7
Chapter 38
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Chapter 38 is the thirty-eighth chapter of Oresama Teacher. In the VIZ English edition, it is known as Summer Break 2: Mafuyu Goes Home Again, Part 2.

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Kurosaki Mafuyu and Kangawa Kouhei in their years as delinquents.

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Kurosaki Mafuyu is warmly welcomed back by her Higashi High subordinates. However, there is one delinquent that doesn't feel so eager to have Mafuyu back, Kangawa Kouhei, the latest bancho of the school.

In an attempt to regain Kouhei's trust, Mafuyu tries to find various ways to get him to be friendly again. Instead, Kouhei challenges her to a battle of ice crushing, and Mafuyu wins, bringing Kouhei back to normal.

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