Chapter 24
Chapter 24
Volume 5
Chapter 24
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Chapter 24 is the twenty-fourth chapter of Oresama Teacher.

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Kurosaki Mafuyu with a steel sword.

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Mafuyu thinks about the last time her and Takaomi's lips met, though it was only an accident and not considered a kiss. She and Takaomi are still at the beach, after a request from Midori Ga Oka Academy's principal to take care of the gangs in the bay areas.

Mafuyu and Takaomi pretend to be a cute couple to draw out the gangs, but they are still the only ones there. Takaomi asks Mafuyu why she chose such a weird plan, and she thinks of shojo manga characters at the beach, running into the water. Takaomi then throws Mafuyu into the water himself, then cups water in his hands and dumps it onto Mafuyu.

In annoyance, she chases after him as two servants watch from afar. However, Takaomi lets himself be caught and throws her into the water again. Mafuyu runs after him again and the servants devise that it must be a training session.

Suddenly, the gang that Takaomi was trying to lure out surround the servants, but he runs in to save them. One of the gang members grab Mafuyu, and hold her hostage for all of Takaomi's money. Takaomi instantly defeats the gang member, gaining back Mafuyu. He then proceeds to attack all of the other members but misses on purpose, and the gang leader plans to make him 'half-dead', and so calls on the rest of the gang not already there. Takaomi laughs, knowing that he can truly defeat them all, and knocks out the members present. When the rest of the members arrive, they find themselves too scared to move, let alone fight, and Takaomi ensures that they would never return to the beach.

Takaomi is standing in a pile of corpses, then turns around to face Mafuyu, who is dazed from the battle. She wonders what she is feeling, and the teacher pats her on the head.

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