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Chapter 2
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Chapter 2
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Chapter 2 is the second chapter of Oresama Teacher.

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Kurosaki Mafuyu showing off the dragon chain wallet.

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After talking with Saeki Takaomi, Mafuyu Kurosaki introduces herself to her new classmates. However, she is assigned to sit next to Hayasaka, who senses some sort of evil aura around her. When Hayasaka goes to the bathroom to escape her, she also takes the chance to also leave the classroom. Hayasaka fights some people behind the school, but loses, and Mafuyu finds him after consulting Takaomi. She then proceeds to fight the people who beat Hayasaka and wins. When Hayasaka wakes up later, he sees Mafuyu on the ground, who pretends to be defeated.

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Takaomi explains that he couldn't fight the other day because teachers aren't allowed to fight kids. When Mafuyu calls Takaomi, "Mr.Saeki", he tells her to call him by his first name. However, Mafuyu angrily declines. Then Saeki tells her what teachers do out of school grounds. Mafuyu yells that she doesn't want to know. She starts thinking about why they have teachers like him. Then she figures that he has a split personality; one bad and one good. Takaomi apparently heard her and says that he doesn't have a split personality since he's like always that. He explains that the school was short of students and staff, so they accept anyone. As Takaomi starts to ask her something, he is interrupted by the sound of Mafuyu's empty stomach. He asks if she has her introduction ready. Mafuyu's practiced introduction makes Takaomi laugh. In class, Mafuyu goes to her seat and greets her neighbor, who glares at her. She figures he's probably a delinquent. She gets frustrated because first period is taking too long. When the break finally comes, Mafuyu is told that many problem kids are there. Second period starts but Mafuyu forgot to stand during the break. She soon has to go to the bathroom. Hayasaka soon stands up and asks to go to the bathroom, Mafuyu does too. Hayasaka runs off and is confronted by 5 boys. As Mafuyu rushes to the bathroom, Takaomi bumps into her and says her friend is in trouble. She figures that he means Hayasaka. He tells her to see for herself what kind of trouble he's in. A little after that, Mafuyu finds Hayasaka on the ground and tells the delinquents that a fight should be one-on-one. She soon realizes that she just snapped. Then, Hayasaka awakens and notices the guys are down. He assumes that Mafuyu didn't do it. Mafuyu then helps bring Hayasaka to the nurse. Meanwhile, Takaomi watches from the building, saying that things are getting interesting.

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